Russell and Associates is proud of its South African heritage and is determined to contribute to the transformation of the industry and country as a whole through the inclusion of historically disadvantaged people in the business (this includes people of colour and women).

This is done through appropriate ownership practices, procurement and employment equity, and by ensuring that there is a recognition programme and career development plan for each employee. Given that the company is niched, small and draws on highly qualified and experienced individuals, structural changes are rare and staff turnover is low. Opportunities for inclusion and transformation are, however, created through:

BEE scorecard

Russell and Associates is committed to the principles of black economic empowerment and subscribes to the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) codes of good practice for black economic empowerment.

We have recently entered into an agreement to finalise a BEE ownership transaction and on completion will be in a position to update our BEE status.

View our last BEE certificate (PDF - 410KB)